We can help you lock low fuel prices in your 7-Eleven Fuel App account.

Unlike the old version, this new 7-Eleven Fuel App doesn't store any of your financial information like credit card or gift card or others, so it is safer.

We charge AUD $1.00 to lock once, or you can top up your credit 12 times for $10.

How it works:

You have your own 7-Eleven Fuel App and registered account

If you don't know how the 7-Eleven Fuel App work, please refer to : https://www.7eleven.com.au/my-7-eleven.html


Submit your 7-Eleven Fuel App account email and password and fuel type in the below request form:
Or you can just send a email to 711@happygo.com.au with below information.

7-Eleven Fuel App account email:
(*:It is the only way to contact you in case something is wrong, pls double check before you submit.)

7-Eleven Fuel App account password:

Fuel type:

For the current best 7-Eleven fuel prices please refer to: https://projectzerothree.info/prices.php?i=2.

Please understand we do not provide real-time service, so the price that we lock might be different between what you see on that fuel price website. We lock the best price when we operate.

When we complete locking the fuel prices for you, normally overnight, we will send an email to notify you.

If you do not receive any respond in 48 hours, that means you might be submit a wrong email address, we can't contact you.



you can use your 7-Eleven Fuel App on your phone to confirm the locked price and use it at any 7-Eleven fuel station. Please know, this locking price will expire after 7 days, if you don't use it before it expires, you need pay for a re-lock.



if you don't have credit remaining on our website, we will send your a bill email, you can pay by Paypal or internet bank transfer.


How long you need to wait

Normally, you will get a email notice in 24 hours, if not, pls email us: 711@happygo.com.au.

You can save lots: